Children need to learn outdoors for both their physical and mental well-being.  Our handmade, bespoke wooden toys are a way of connecting children with the outdoors as they learn through play.  Our toys and furniture items give children the opportunity to experience the warmth, smell and character of wood.  Each piece has its own unique life story to explore - told through knots, grains, rings and beautiful imperfections.

Wooden toys have a wealth of educational benefits.  Because they are simply designed they are an open-ended resource.  They do not have sound effects or voices that limit creativity.  Instead children use their own imaginations and interact with others to extend play.  This fosters problem-solving skills and encourages children to take responsibility for their own learning and enjoyment.  Children might use our chalk writing discs to practise mark-making or they might use them for rolling, as stepping stones or to create wheels for a model - the possibilities are endless. 

We are a small team based in London, South East/Kent borders who love creating bespoke items for EYFS provision, so do get in touch if there is something you would like us to create!

Each of our toys has been inspired by children’s schematic behaviours.  When we match resources to developmental schemas we can extend children’s learning and capture their interest. Our small block play table and counting branch abacus, for example, support the transporting schema whereby children enjoy moving resources from place to place.  The messy marks play table has been designed with the transforming schema in mind as children have fun mixing different substances together observing how they change colour and consistency.  As our toys can be used by children in so many different ways they support a variety of schemas.  A child might explore the connecting or rotational schema by threading a rope through the discs of the counting branch abacus.  They might twist and turn the discs around or tie them to a pull-along toy.

It is not only the children who benefit from our expertly crafted toys, your budget will too.  These toys are a valuable, long-term investment. They are made from high quality wood, so they can withstand many hands over a long period of time.  When they get dirty they are easy to wipe down ready for next time.  Since the toys are so versatile they grow with the children.  For example, children might use our domino clock for counting and number/object matching games, then later for learning to tell the time.