‘Professional and thorough’

EYFS Consultant- Anneka Russell -  “I was very impressed by Anneka. She was professional and thorough, but also was very pleasant and supportive.

Everybody felt that they could talk to her and took her suggestions and criticisms in a positive way.
She also left the team with some “quick fixes”, which I can check-up on in the next weeks, as well as longer term developments. Particularly effective was taking the EYFS class teacher on a “learning walk” through the Pre-Rec environment, supporting her, with spotting the things that need to be improved and getting the class teacher’s suggestions on how it could be done.

I am sure I will be in contact again to arrange a follow up visit.”


Headteacher- Primary School, Jersey


‘Extensive knowledge in childcare’

EYFS Consultant- Anneka Russell - I met Anneka by chance at the park when we were both out with children. She was very friendly and approachable and I soon found out about her role in supporting EYFS professionals.

Thanks to Anneka, I was made to feel reassured when I felt down and started doubting myself before my first inspection. We looked at my setting from a critical point of view and made it perfect for enabling children to reach their full potential. I received an ‘outstanding’ grade and much of this was due to the way we bounced ideas off each other and of course Anneka’s advice and extensive knowledge in childcare. It is always great to talk to people who are passionate about their work and give you so many ideas to work on.

One of the things I found most valuable about Anneka’s approach was her commitment to respecting and adjusting to my teaching approach because I love outdoor play, natural resources and messy play. Working independently as a childminder, it is very important to find someone who will take time to understand you. I cannot praise Anneka enough for the input she has had in my career.


Vitalia -Childminder, Chatham, Kent


'Creative ideas, dedication and passion'

EYFS Consultant- Anneka Russell - I worked alongside Anneka a few years ago at a charity run nursery. Unfortunately due to a lack of funding we were faced with the impending closure of the nursery. Despite this, myself and the rest of the team were determined to provide the best learning opportunities for the children whilst they were in our care. It was for this reason we sought Anneka’s support. Understanding that we had a zero budget, Anneka amazed us with how much she was able to do with the creative use of the resources we already had at the nursery.

I witnessed first-hand her creative ideas, dedication and passion. It was infectious! We were all buzzing and really motivated by our new learning space. I cannot recommend Anneka more!


Former Nursery Leader, 999 Club Nursery, Deptford, London